‘Following’ Maude Goodman and Her Dreams

Welcome and have fun as you join me on my journey to ‘follow’ the incredibly successful Maude Goodman through her painting career and success, more than 100 years ago! We will follow her life, her course of studies, and each work as she completed it. We will time travel and visit past exhibitions where her works were on display … we will explore long lost stories of this Manchester-born success. And we will be brought back to current reality, as we track her works down and have fun catching up with modern owners and the stories they have to tell regarding her pieces – and manifold antique lithograph copies of her pieces – in their possession.

While Maude’s style has been described by some as ‘cringe-makingly sentimental’ and idyllic, I beg to differ. What better form of escapism than to escape to an ideal – and it wouldn’t be the first in human history. We revel in movies with happy endings, travel magazines that describe holiday destinations in over-abundantly attractive terms, fashion industries fueled forward by the perfect images of models with bodies that not many can attain to. We follow Instagram feeds of friends, family and celebs that showcase their lives in the best of lights. Let’s face it – the Victorians weren’t the only ones who cherished their ideals.

Were Maude’s paintings a dream? Yes, and beautifully captured.┬áLet’s explore together the life and times of this dreamful mind of Maude’s!